Ask Alice

How do I manage school and work?

It is not always easy managing the two at the same time, but it is possible. About 30 hours of classes in a week plus extra hours for homework can be a hassle. I would recommend working between 12-15 hours a week because education always comes first. Do your homework right after the teacher assigns it to avoid procrastination in the long run, which can ruin your grades. Ask your boss, supervisor, or manager for less hours during an exam period.

The best thing is try to work weekends instead of weekdays so you can solely concentrate on your school work, although it is not very exciting to wake up in the morning to work. Remember, education comes first.

How do I avoid getting to class late every morning?

It all starts with what you do the night before. It happens on occasion that you miss the bus or end up sleeping in late.

The best bet is to go to sleep at the same time every night. Set the alarm clock at a reasonable time to wake up so you can have time to eat breakfast, shower, and put on some clothes. Prepare everything the night before and enjoy the night’s rest. It will do you well in the morning. Come to school a little earlier than you usually do. You know what they say, coming in earlier is better than being late.

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