Baseball Back In Montreal

Baseball was back in Montreal, for only 2 days. Although the Expos have not yet returned, the Toronto Blue Jays played their annual 2 games in Montreal to close out Spring Training.

Since 2014, in a pitch to bring baseball back to Montreal, the Blue Jays have been coming to town to put on a show. Facing them that year were the New York Mets, followed by the Cincinnati Reds in 2015, the Boston Red Sox in 2016 and the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2017. This year, the St. Louis Cardinals were the lucky winners to play at the Big O.

Former Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre was making a pitch to bring the Expos back in Montreal. The talk about Montreal baseball always seem to go somewhere at this time, but nothing ever progresses. One problem Montreal faces is the fact that the Olympic Stadium is not ideal to support the team. Until a plan for a stadium is in place, the Expos have a longshot of returning.

For now, baseball fans in Montreal will have to deal with the two Spring Training games. Even though its not the real deal and you don’t see many regulars, it is still worth the experience.

The Blue Jays begin their season again with a division matchup with the New York Yankees on Thursday March 28th at 3:37pm.

Image Source: Wikimedia

Dean Matheos
Staff Writer

Originally published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 11 on March 28, 2018