Best Friend Marionette

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Sebastian Socorro
Literature Editor

Be best friends with a marionette

Try to match their wooden smile

Locking arms with limbs all limp

Tugged in all the wrong directions

By cords of stainless steel

Reassure them: “Everything’s okay.”

Though you can look above

and see the master’s play

Near-invisible fingers twist

Stretch your poor friend away

Climb the metal strings

Sharp as they may be

Bleed as you dig in

Losing sight of where the puppet ends

and where the hand begins

Give the fingers a stern talk-to

Deliver the ol’ what-for

Ask why they would want to

Make the puppet like you

and hurt you like before

Or simply cut it all down

Rip the strings off the cross of wood

and wear it as a crown

It’s not like they will listen

You’re just an empty sound

Now watch your best best friend

Your favourite marionette

Lay rigid as you descend

The unmoving puppet’s met

Its always-destined end

Originally Published on Vol.49 Issue 13 on April 15th, 2020