Bob’s Burgers is Back

by Dylan Ricci
Staff Writer

It’s autumn again, meaning that not only are there new shows on the air, but also returns of the ones we know and love. One of many shows returning to TV is the animated series Bob’s Burgers.

If you haven’t seen an episode of Bob’s Burgers I’ll firstly say: “Why?” and secondly give you a brief summary: Bob owns a burger restaurant with his loud but loveable wife Linda, and their three very different children: Tina, Gene, and Louise.

The show chronicles the Belcher family and their life experiences, with different stories centered on each family member. Ultimately we see how no family member experiences a problem or life lesson alone. Nobody understands the Belchers quite like they understand each other, and that’s what makes them so loveable.


The newest season premiered on September 27th, taking in around two and a half million viewers. The episode is about Bob’s signature mustache that seemed to be shedding. This led Linda to reminisce about how she and Bob met, when she got a ring that her ‘temporary’ fiancé gave to her stuck in Bob’s mustache. This also led their kids to wonder what would’ve happened if Bob never had a mustache in the first place.

This episode uses a classic Bob’s Burgers trope where the episode is compiled by the kids’ different point of views on a situation/story. Some love this, others not so much. Nonetheless, I’m satisfied as long as this show continues to create more.

If you’re looking for a show that has excellent comedic timing, quirky characters, out of the ordinary plots, and catchy jingles at the end of every episode, do yourself a favour, goddamnit, and watch Bob’s Burgers.

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