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When Studying is a Pain But You Still Need That Darned Certificate

Marjolaine Pilon
Campus Life Editor

Let’s be honest, school can be hard to handle sometimes. Even when the campus life of your CEGEP is as enriching and entertaining as the one at John Abbott, drowning under assignments, papers, tests and final exams can make you want to get it done as soon as possible. And when you are FINALLY done with your studies and get a diploma, you do not have much time to spend on traveling before getting a job and becoming an adult with debts and responsibilities.
Have you ever thought of studying outside of Quebec for a semester? A year? This experience, more accessible nowadays due to technology, airplanes and partnerships between different countries worldwide, is an awesome opportunity to explore the world while getting your schooling done and is often more recommended than taking a year off in-between CEGEP and university. You attend your classes during the week and can explore the country and its surroundings on the weekend. Isn’t it the best way to mix school (-.-) and travelling (:D)? set up the top 20 Student Cities in 2015, and as surprising as it can be, here is the top 3 of the best university cities around the world:

Paris – Even though Paris, France, has a quite high cost of living, the strong reputation of its 18 universities cannot go unnoticed by students worldwide. Indeed, some of the most renowned philosophers, scientists, and mathematicians of the last century had been studying in the City of Love, such as Jean-Luc Godard, Marie Curie and Henri Lefebvre! Plus, who wouldn’t like to eat croissants au beurre while reading a book in front of the Eiffel Tower? Plus, the French accent is definitely mignon, non?

Melbourne – As one of the most multiethnic cities in the world, Melbourne, Australia, attracts a lot of students due to its wonderful beaches and festivals. Even though studying in Australia is really expensive due to student fees and living expenses, it can be interesting to see different cultures mixing up in a single city.

London – Way more affordable than a few years ago (if you live in region, indeed), London, England, is an awesome place to study in, despite the rainy and foggy climate. London’s reputation for its competent professors can be a wise choice for those who want to travel around Europe. Even though England’s situation with the European Union is kind of unclear, a Visa would not cost more than $75, which would allow you to travel around the European countries anytime. Isn’t it bewitching: each weekend, a new country. Why not? The sky is the limit!

These cities (followed by Sydney, Hong Kong and Boston respectively) prove to students that there is an appropriate place to study for every single one of us. Studying outside of Canada for a semester or two can definitely strengthen your independence and open your horizons to become an adult aware of other cultures.

According, once again, to, Montreal is in 8th place due to its multiethnicity and, of course McGill (ranked 30th best university in the world and 1st in Canada). Toronto would be close by occupying the 9th rank due to its good quality of life and the University of Toronto. Vancouver would end the Canadian supremacy by being 12th. Vancouver’s fantastic snow parks and mountains could attract a lot of student-athletes.

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