Can You Tell Me a Little Bit About A Person You Really Don’t Like in Your Life?

He’s kinda selfish and arrogant. He acts like he cares about others, but then comes around and backstabs you… Not to mention, this kid is SMELLY man… I can’t even tell you how bad it is. The kid needs to take a shower. – Anonymous, 17

Alright, So… there was this person in high school who was really a bully and really mean. A snob and a know it all on top off that. – Francesca, 18

– Can we swear? +Yeah, go for it! – ‘Cause… he’s a tall, lanky f*ck! And if I ever see him again… I’m just going to kick his a**. – George, 18

Like, I don’t NOT like a lot of people… like I’ll think about it in the moment when I’m mad, but when you ask me this question out of the blue I get overwhelmed by the amount of people I don’t like and I just can’t choose. But OH! There’s this one girl from my high school… – Averie, 17

Well, my person is just really fake. It’s pretty pathetic… to the point where I feel bad for them. They have these insecurities that they blame other people for instead of trying to own up to them themselves, and I don’t respect that. That’s why I dislike this person. – Anonymous, 18

Uhhh I mean… it really wouldn’t be a little bit like I go off when I talk about this person! I could literally rant for an hour about this person, and… and, I don’t wanna do that. – Ben, 18

I mean, there’s just some people who get on your nerves. There’s this person that I really can’t cope with. She’s done something sh*tty to my friend, and it makes me mad. I went to high school with this girl. We were like friends, but not really close. She came to Abbott too, and we made a mutual friend. Basically, she got into a fight with our new mutual friend and insulted her program ‘cause it’s a career program, and called it useless. I really don’t understand why someone would say that. That just makes me really mad. –  Anonymous, 19

Oh my Gosh… there’s a person who has gone behind my back and really just caused more drama in my life than I want. – Isabel, 17

“Ohhh, that girl who work’s at.. you know?” – Oh! Yeah, her… Ummm… let’s talk about her a little bit! Like, I don’t hate her or anyone, but I particularly don’t like this girl. She’s a bit pretentious, she kinda thinks that she’s better than anyone else. It’s also like she acts very nice to you, but you find out basically that she really doesn’t like you after. – Anonymous, 17

Um… this person is homophobic and very self centered, think-of-themselves-only… and they’re arrogant. God, just an a**hole. – Kevin, 18

Where should I start the list? Umm… this person’s annoying. Either they talk too much, or they’re very arrogant about themselves. They think they know everything, and… OH! They’re judgy. They’re judgy… yes. Condescending too… – Jumana, 18

-I try to avoid disliking people. If I don’t like someone, it’s probably because… uhm.. like they’re… +A d*ck? -Hahaha, well, pretty much… – Zachary, 17

The thing with me is that I don’t really get mad at a specific person, it’s more so like an instance.. and I tend to be very forgiving. Like, sometimes, if someone does something bad to me, I’ll be mad for a while. But afterwards, I live by that forgive and forget typa’ thing so it’s good… and if they keep repeating, it’s just like, f*ck them! But still, I don’t really hold a grudge. -Brandon, 17

Okay… so this kid, I knew all throughout high school. He had this arrogant a**, annoying a** face. Also, he walked around like John Travolta from Grease! You know what I’m talking about? Like that kinda up-and-down, weird a** walk? Oh, and you should have HEARD this guy laugh! Like I don’t wanna be mean… but what a normal person would chuckle at, he would laugh out loud like a hyena! Like I just wanted him to STOP! Ah… – Anonymous, 17


Defne Veral
Campus Life Editor

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 6 on November 22, 2017