Club Spotlight: Anime

by Alexia Quraeshi

Have you heard of the Anime club? The club is welcome to those who like Japanese anime or manga. It’s one of the largest clubs at John Abbott. Here are a few facts to help you decide if this club is for you:

1. You can get a cool nickname! It is either your choice or members of the club choose it for you. Be warned, once they found one, you have it for life! (Ex: Ninja, Solitaire, Ketchup etc.)

2. You get to hang out in the amazing anime clubroom, which is full of posters and drawings! If you like Japanese art, this is definitely a place to check out.

3. Even if you are not a hardcore fan like some people are, that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be able to fit in.

4. You can enjoy reading the manga that has been generously donated by members of the club.

5. You can chill out on the couches, which are super comfortable!

6. It is so easy to start a conversation about anime it’s insane. So never fear!

7. It is a way to meet cool new people.

8. We have a person that will make buttons/pins for you! (All at a price of course.)

9. We have Sempai.

10. Where else can you talk about how awesome or how bad some animes are?
For all those who either did not go to the barbecue or did not sign up because they weren’t sure if it was a club for them, do not be afraid to stop by. It’s in front of the Oval, right around the corner from the Gamers club headquarters. So come on by, all Otaku’s welcome!

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