CRC Competition

Will Abbott Participate This Year?

By Maria Paula Joya & Tian Qi Wang (Contributors)

The CRC (Competition Robotique/Robotics Competition) is a non-profit organization that holds an annual competition which allows high schools, CEGEPs, and adult centers to compete against each other in a demonstration of their skills in science, computer science, arts, and languages.

The challenge is to build a robot that will be able to accomplish specific tasks and, by doing so, gain points during the game at the competition. For example, last year the game consisted of stacking objects in order to accumulate points. The robots therefore had to be able to get to a pile of objects, to be able to pick them up, transport them, and to stack them. The highest your pile of objects was, the higher your ranking.

This year’s challenge is called Actimania and its rules haven’t been revealed yet. The competition is to be launched Monday, November 3rd, 2014 and it will be held at Vanier College from Thursday the 12th to Saturday the14th of February 2015.

However, building the robot is only one of the dimensions of this challenge. There are also other categories in the competition in which the schools can participate: the making of a kiosk, a video and a website. Usually, every school picks a theme that they develop in each of these categories.


The kiosk is a twelve-by-twelve foot space given during the three days of competition to each school. This space is where the team will work on their robot, store all their belongings and rest. In addition, it must present the team and the school to the public.

The video of a maximal duration of five minutes and the website also have to present the team, the school, and the robot, as well as the competition and their journey.

All three are designed and built following the team’s theme.

The CRC club would be a new and absolutely unique club at John Abbott. It will allow all of its participants to show their talents in a variety of disciplines and different fields of interest from programming to filmography. The club will be bringing together people from different programs together with people with commons interests. It will give them the opportunity to be part of a project like no other where having skills such as time management and teamwork will be essential.

Many other local cegeps such as Vanier, Dawson, and Marianopolis have been participating in the CRC competition for years now. It is time for John Abbott College to get involved with their talented and dedicated students to show them what we are capable of.

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