Daily Tips to Help the Planet

It’s that time of the year again. The air is getting colder, people are replacing their summer clothes for their long sleeves shirts and their bicycles for their cars…With all those changes, people sometimes forget that we have environmental problems around the world. So here are some tips for staying environmentally friendly during this climate change.

Tip #1
Carpooling! This is a great way to not only save gas, but lower our carbon dioxide use as well. Another great advantage is that it saves money too! And we all know that as college students, we need to save as much money as we can.

Tip #2
Lowering our heating use in our homes and wearing bigger and warmer clothes. This helps lower our energy use. Even though we all love arriving into our warm homes after a cold day, if we lower our heating, it will not only help us maintain an environmentally friendly lifestyle, but also reduce our heating bill, and that’s always good!

Tip #3
Using more cold water instead of warm water. No matter if it’s for washing your clothes or doing the dishes. If we reduce our use of warm water, we could save a lot of energy!
Remember, living environmentally friendly is important in every way: both for our wallets and for the world, because our planet needs love.

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