Getting to know…the assistant Editor-in-chief

Casey Dobson
Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Sup sunshines! My name’s Casey and I’m the Assistant Editor-in-Chief here at Bandersnatch, or as Virginia likes to call me, her court clown…

I’ll come clean right off the bat and tell y’all that I love country music. I firmly believe that there are few better feelings than driving with the windows down while blasting Thomas Rhett. If it’s not country, my earbuds will be broadcasting things like Broadway, Ed Sheeran, or Hozier. So it’s not all bad.

I don’t have the attention span for movies so I don’t really have any favourites (other than Disney of course). In my defense, it takes way too long to find out what happens even when you kind of already know. For that reason, my Netflix is a rotation of Gilmore Girls, Friends, and Suits. Since I’ve seen them so many times, they also tend to be the soundtrack to my essay writing.

If I’m not on round 16 of Gilmore Girls on a homework day, I’ll have Last Week Tonight with John Oliver playing from YouTube (because I’m too broke for HBO). But my favourite thing to leave on while I read philosophy or go through pictures (now would be a good time to let you know I’m in ALC so yes, that’s homework) is the NFL. Football is one of my main life essentials and the New England Patriots’ game is always the highlight of my week. This is one of the main reasons I always write my Sunday Sprint articles for this paper, I can’t get enough of football.

Back to being in ALC, I’m striving to be a sports journalist. Obviously I’ll take any sport, but my dream job would be to be a beat reporter for (surprise surprise) an NFL team or to work for TSN. Last thing about football, I’m lucky enough to work around it now in being an intern for the Montréal Alouettes in their media and communications department.

I love tattoos (I have 3) and iced coffee (I have 3 a day) and I’m really happy that you’re reading this paper because our crazy team puts a lot of work into this!

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol.49 Issue 07 on December 4th, 2019