Harper Looks to Attack ISIS

by Marie Fester (Staff Writer)

On Friday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper brought a proposition to be voted on this week to the house of commons. The plan is for Canada to join the United-States, Great-Britain, France, Australia, and others in their air strikes against ISIS or ISIL in Iraq (Global News).

Canada would be sending six CF-18 Hornet fighter aircraft with 320 personnel and One CC-150 Polaris, two CP140 Aurora surveillance aircraft, one air-to-air refuelling aircraft with about 280 air crew, and other personnel to Iraq for a total of 600 military personnel and no ground troops (CTV News).

The bombardments would be limited for now to Iraq but could move to Syria should the coalition decide to. The plan is vague, causing opposition parties to question the goals of the mission.

Source: canoe.ca
Source: canoe.ca

Canada has, up until this point, contributed to humanitarian aid and supported the Kurdish militia with military advisors, both sensible tactics. The area controlled by the Kurds has been a target of the Islamic State as it is on of the few areas with a relatively stable government (The Globe and Mail).

The Green and Liberal Parties, as well as the NDP, believe that PM Harper has left too many important questions unanswered and do not want Canada to become tied up in a complex war that could last decades (The Globe and Mail).

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair said Canada should be employing humanitarian, diplomatic, and other assistance to strengthen political institutions in Iraq and Syria in order to combat the growing threat of terrorism (CTV News).

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau also would like to see some debate over the subject, as its intentions seem vague (CBC News).

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has asked for more debate and discussion on the topic to avoid a repetition of history (CBC News).

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