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Bandersnatch Congress Representitive Needed

Production Staff

The right to vote is something people have fought and died for, over the course of hundreds of years. It allows us to express our views and be sure that we are heard. Whether it is a national matter or something more local, expressing how you feel is extremely important.

SUJAC and their Congress meetings give the students of John Abbott College an opportunity to make sure they are heard. Congress meets every week to discuss issues, concerns and bring forth changes to better the Abbott community. Each member has the opportunity to bring up issues that are important to them and receive feedback from the entire group. Whenever other representatives bring forth their ideas, you also have a chance to present your comments and vote.

It is a great controlled environment to discuss things that could make Abbott a better place for all students. As a member of Congress you and all the other members represent the entire student body and have an opportunity to initiate real and lasting change. So if you are the type of person who has all kinds of amazing ideas about Abbott but despairs over the lack of changes, Congress is the place for you and fellow students to make your mark!

After Congress passed a resolution last semester, some clubs now have to send a representative to Congress. The Congress meetings are every Tuesday at 5:30 and Bandersnatch is searching for a representative. If you are interested in being part of Bandersnatch and SUJAC, by representing us in Congress, please MIO Dylan Masson! We hope to see you at Congress!

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