Holding a grudge

Image Source: Pixabay

Logan Macdonald
Staff Artist

Anger is an emotion we all experience and it’s normal to feel it every once in a while. This emotion can be directed towards many things and I think that this can be healthy. It allows us to express our disapproval of perhaps some political stunt we think is hurting our society, or maybe a specific person that is mistreating their employees. If we get enough people riled up over it, it could benefit not only us, but our work, social and natural environments.
However, some people direct their anger towards someone who has only been annoying or aggressive towards them. While in the moment it’s acceptable to hold onto that anger, holding a grudge against that person is ultimately pointless.
The people who do wrong to others won’t ever think about the people they piss off because all they know is that they were having fun while being annoying. You, on the other hand, resent that person and can’t do anything about it, and this feeling hurts you more than it could ever hurt the aggressor. In this bout of frustration, you don’t realize you’re putting immense emotional and mental strain on yourself. Though it may seem difficult, you need to accept the past and move on as quickly as possible, otherwise you’re going to feel the weight build up and crush you. Take a breather and remember that you’re the better person. They can’t do anything to you if you don’t care.

Originally Published on bandersnatch.ca