How to Know if They Are The One

Image Source: Wikimedian Commons

Francesca A. Pastò
Staff Writer

At the start of a new relationship or when people start getting used to each other, they tend to wonder if they are going to have a future together. According to Lindsay Dodgson from Business Insider, there are nine signs that the person you are dating is right for you.

These include: they pass the bar test, they don’t hold you back, they don’t try to change you, they fit in your life, they listen to you and many more. There is also a scientific approach to help determine who you will spend your future with.

In school we learn about love, more specifically the science behind it. Teachers teach us that when your heart rate increases as well as many other important things, we know that we are truly in love with someone. It is said that our pupils dilate when looking at someone or something we love. Our body’s chemical balance changes, making us prone to sweating and loss of voluntary mouth movements causing people to stutter. If people are experiencing most of these things as well as several other factors when they are with their partner, then it tells them that that person is the one.

There are cases where these scientific factors are thrown out of the window and people do not experience physical changes. This all depends on the individual.

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol.49 Issue 07 on December 4th, 2019