its impressive that you can see right through all this frosted, cracked, and icy glass

Jake Jasko
News Editor

i cant remember the last time it was this hot in my room
maybe its not the room
maybe its just me
god knows overheating is something im prone to

so of course ill get up to open the window
and immediately regret it
the heat isnt that bad compared to getting out of bed
but sometimes im an idiot

it takes a moment to turn around
because what if i do and its all gone?
so ill run my hand through my hair and take a deep breath
before twisting back around again

a classic grin, loved and hated by yours, truly
i just cant stop myself from doing it
just like i cant stop myself from speaking
all the while cold, refreshing air seeps into the room

time doesnt quite make sense anymore
despite my best efforts to check it
up until someone else realizes for me that checking it
means long, drawn out goodbyes

but when it comes, two hours later
on steps and stairs and tip-toes
its only after the door closes that i remember
that my windows open, that my room is cold

that i liked it better overheated, sweltering even
hot enough that it mightve just melted whatever icy armor this is
because fuck, i think i might be trapped in it
and you deserve better than a mannequin

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