Logan Paul

Taking Time to Reflect

In his 2017 recap video, Logan Paul called this past year, “the best year of [his] life”. Was he too quick to judge, given that he posted his infamous Aokigahara vlog one week later? Many people are calling it the end of Logan Paul’s career… but is this really the case?

1. His loyal fan base

Before posting his vlog, Logan Paul had 15 million subscribers on YouTube, and his daily subscriber growth has roughly averaged 30,000 since December 30th, 2017. Before he
removed his vlog off of YouTube, the video had received over 6 million views and appeared on the website’s trending page. This suggests that much of Logan’s core fanbase saw nothing wrong with what he posted, and are anxiously waiting for the superstar to make his return.

2. He lives and breathes social media

In 2013, Logan Paul joined Vine, which quickly jumpstarted his career in social media. Although he didn’t fully process his thoughts before posting his series of videos during his travels in Japan, this does not deny his level of experience in the social media world. Paul and his management team shouldn’t have trouble in identifying the right climate for the YouTube sensation to make his inevitable comeback.

3. His merch sales

Even with Logan’s suspension from Google Preferred’s advertisement benefits, he still brings in millions of dollars in revenue from his Maverick clothing line. This being said, the majority of the marketing for his product comes from his vlogs, so if he doesn’t start creating content again soon, he might experience a steady decline in sales.

Kyle McRae
Production Manager

Originally published in Bandersnatch Vol. 47 Issue 07 on January 24, 2018

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