by Drew Brereton

BUT DADDY I WANT THE _______ (Colour(^)) ONE!

So like any person after hearing 4 months of “______, (adverb) can I have a _______(noun (*) <- represents a repeating word) Daddy, ______(adverb),” I gave in. So after _______ (verb+ing) one day I went by my daughter __________ (building) and we went to get her a _______(noun (*, used multiple times)). The place was packed, filled with all sorts of ______ (noun+s) and _______(noun+s), we then proceeded to the counter where there was a _______ (adjective) man. “How can I help you?” he said. “Hi, I’m with my daughter to get a ________ (noun(*)).” “Ah, you’ve come to the right place, sir. Right this way.” Indicating with his _________ (body part) where we were supposed to go. As we followed the man inside, we saw the strangest collection of _______(noun/+s). “Daddy, Daddy, I want the ______(colour(^)) one, ________(adverb).” “But sweetheart, that one looks a little ________ (adjective) and I think it has (a) ______(noun).” “Please Daddy, I’ll _____ (verb) ________ (noun) or do the _______ (noun) for an entire year.” So in the end I gave in and got her the one she wanted. Though I wish I hadn’t. The minute we got home, it _______ (verb) all over the house, my daughter was just ________ (verb+ing) uncontrolably. Exciting the _____ (noun (*)) even more. After it almost destroyed the entire house, my ______ (family member) opened the door and the ______ (noun(*)) tackled them straight to the ground, ________(verb+ing) all over their face. “I want this gone by tomorrow!!!!” My daughter ran over screaming at the top of her lungs, “No, You are not allowed to take my _______ (name), he is my _____ (noun) and ________ (noun) . Remember what you say, Ohana means _____ (noun), and _______ (noun) means no one gets left behind. We said we would give it a week, and by the end I have to admit. I don’t think having a _______ (noun (*)) around the place is going to be that bad.

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