Magic X Love

Chapter One

Zero Walker (Contributor)

I see myself at a park. I think I’m waiting for someone. Feels like I’ve been waiting here awhile. The stars look so pretty. Wait – what’s going on? Why are the stars glowing red? Why are they falling?! As the stars fall, one of them comes hurdling at me.

A girl awakens from a dream. She finds herself on a water bus, a bus made to run on water. The girl looks around and is surrounded by other kids, but notices her friends are trying to talk to her. Rather than paying attention, she looks for something else to focus on. Finally, something catches her eye: a boy sitting in the back alone. But that wasn’t what caught her attention. It was what he was doing. The boy’s hand was outside the window playing with an Enzy: the energy of the universe that takes on the form of crimson lights. “He must be a mage like me,” she
thinks to herself.

The world isn’t as it used to be. Thirteen years ago when the stars came dancing down from the heavens, disasters followed. The world as we knew it was submerged underwater and lost. This day was known as “The Crimson Night”. There were many losses, but one thing did rise from the ashes of this chaos. What rose were mages and espers. Espers are humans with extraordinary powers. Mages are more in tune with nature and the energy of the universe (the enzies). Only mages are capable of seeing these enzies and manipulating them.

The girl notices an open spot beside the boy and moves over to sit next to him. Oddly enough, he doesn’t notice her. She asks, “Do you like them?” The boy pulls his hand back inside and replies, “What are you talking about?” She says, “You don’t have to hide it. Being a mage isn’t something to be ashamed of.”

The boy looks at her with a
gaze of disgust and says, “Don’t compare me with them.” He then turns to look outside. The girl, in shock, gets up and goes back to her seat and thinks to herself, “He must be an Esper. Only Espers act like that! Whatever, we’re almost at Albion”.

After the great flood that happened, mobile cities were created: cities that are capable of moving all by themselves on any terrain. Albion was the first mobile city to make an educational institution that allowed Espers and Mages. At first it wasn’t easy, because Mages and Espers didn’t get along due to their own beliefs of who came first, but eventually, with time, the hostility decreased.

The water bus stops and everyone stands up to gaze upon the city. Yet all they see is the vast ocean. The girl looks over and sees bubbles appearing on the surface of the water. The boy notices his glass of water rumbling. Out of the water shoots out a huge platinum trident and following it is a city rising from the depths. The girl says, “Albion, the underwater mobile city. Just like mom and dad said.” She smiles excitedly. The boy, however, thinks to himself with a look of hate: “Finally, I’m here. Now I’m one step closer to destroying him.”

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