NBA 2K16: Game Review

A Whole New Level of Realism

by Andrei Neaga

On September 25th 2015, the newest NBA 2K game was released for those who preordered, the official release taking place on September 29th. 2K16 improved the pass and lob game controls, also highly improving the animations, making the game run much more smoothly. This year there is no more zigzag and charge cheese (2K lingo for “an unfair, unrealistic and repetitive action in the game”).

For the first time in MyCareer history, there are high school and college games. You can feel the huge difference between the difficulty levels of these NBA games. The new ways to experience the life of an NBA player is amazing and realistic, though I do find that the plot is a bit overrated. There are cut scenes only in the first rookie season and none in the other seasons.

MyGM game mode is one of the most entertaining and fun game modes in 2K. You can select a current team and relocate it to sixty different cities. The game mode is very detailed; it’s extremely realistic and makes you feel like you’re managing a real business, from dealing players to managing tickets and food prices.

Overall, the game is amazing. The game play is great, game modes are amazingly improved and it’s tons of fun to play. In my opinion, the game deserves a solid 8/10.

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