New Murder Mystery

By Raphael Verelst (News Editor)

“Welcome to Criminal Law 100 or, as I like to call it: “How to get away with murder!”.” Such is the main tagline for ABC’s extremely promising new show How to Get Away with Murder, created by producer Shona Grimes and starring actress Viola Davis in the main role.

The show’s main premise is a group of ambitious law students who, in the process of their studies and extracurricular activities, become entangled in a dangerous murder plot. It strongly affects their own lives, as well as the lives of those attending their university. Besides Viola Davis, who starred in the Academy Award nominated Doubt and is well-known for her work on Traffic and Syriana; the show otherwise will feature a mostly unknown cast. Its members include Charlie Weber, a less known actor who played the parodied version of Jacob Black in the Twilight parody: Vampires Suck; and Karen Cabrera, an eighteen-year-old rapper who has not yet starred in any major productions.

The show, unlike most mystery shows of its kind, will depart from a procedural approach, instead taking one that is much more character-oriented. The show will also place much less emphasis on investigation, focusing more on the social aspect, which is best presented in shows like Bones and Pretty Little Liars.

How to Get Away with Murder is being heavily promoted through Entertainment Tonight, which is running long segments devoted to it. It has already attracted numerous anticipating viewers, and it is expected to be a successful show.

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