Nirvana Shells Out a New Album

Andrew Grant (Stereotypical High School Quarterback)

October 1993 – Hip new grunge music scene is taking place with raddest band of the nineties, Nirvana! This isn’t your parents’ grunge band!

Here’s a band with a rock ‘n’ roll power that’ll never die. Two years after their extreme hit, Nevermind, they come back again to shotgun the system with last month’s dope In Utero. This album is tha bomb. With songs like R**e Me, they truly embody the deepest feelings of angst and disillusionment felt by the kids today, who we’re calling Generation X. Kurt Cobain is like a greek god, an everlasting immortal being who can never die so long as he’s felt in the hearts of our kids. By the way it’s looking now, it’ll never happen and
he’ll live to tour well into his ripe old age. With In Utero especially, Nirvana breathes everlasting life into rock music as if In Utero was rock music being gestated and newly born, innovating the genre and approaching controversial topics like cancer, death, suicide, and anxiety, illuminating the sadness with their endless life force. The album art is a skinless angel, missing its skin like a depressed person is missing their happiness, and with wings flying so high that they can never be shot down. With their tour for Nevermind being tragically limited and short-lived, it can be guaranteed that their tour for In Utero will rock the world forever and kick off a long-lasting chain of live shows. See Nirvana live when they come to your town and you’ll experience the depression for yourself.

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