Obituary: Georgina Hartorino, Science & Tech Editor

This was not the first time that people had argued over left aligned versus centered titles; this last issue would be the worst. Georgina was placing her exceptionally full section and wondering how she was going to place three extremely long and very well written articles, when one of the editors piped up: “Georgina also tutors English, what does she think?!” I think it is fair to say that as an excellent student headed into law and currently in Honours Science, Georgina did not feel like adding stress by entering the rabble and trying to develop an opinion.
She gave her usual positive remarks for both options and went back to the articles which weren’t going to place themselves when the loud group of editors continued to pester her. Perhaps it was the pressure of the end of the semester, but it is fair to say that everyone was astounded when Georgina disappeared. No one is certain if she spontaneously combusted or just slipped into a time-warp to start at McGill right away. However, the fact of the matter is that one moment she was there and the next, she was gone. Georgina’s always perfectly-placed-on-time-section, awesome articles, and steadying, peaceful presence will be missed.

The deceased
The deceased

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