Obscure Athletics

by Zoe Shaw

With the invention of the firearm, archery became obsolete in the West. Who practices archery these days? A few hunters, professional athletes, traditional archers from all cultures wishing to preserve ancient techniques, and nerds.

It’s hard to deny that archery is super cool. It’s probably the reason why our favourite modern-day characters still use the old bow and arrow, like Legolas, Hawkeye, Green Arrow, and Katniss Everdeen. We also have a particular love for mythological or legendary archers like Apollo and Robin Hood.

Zoe Shaw nocking an arrow
Zoe Shaw nocking an arrow

I admit, I’m one of those nerds who thinks that archery is just the coolest. I practice it occasionally, and I soon discovered that there is far more to archery than good aim. It requires an almost meditative balance of the body, mind, and breath that is nearly impossible to accomplish without practicing every day.

Now that we don’t have to depend on weapons like these to provide us with food, I would strongly recommend picking up archery or its related fitness techniques to improve your focus and balance. Or if you just want to pretend to be Legolas for a day.

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