Sabaton and Kreator

By: Andrew Wood


On Friday, March 2nd 2017, M-Telus hosted a double headlining show for 2 big names in the metal scene.

These bands were Swedish power metal band, Sabaton and German thrash metal band, Kreator. The venue itself was absolutely packed full of metalheads ready for whatever was going to come at them.

Unfortunately, due to certain issues I was unable to get the chance to see the opening band, Cyrha, perform which I would have liked to see.

I was able to make it in time to see Kreator’s set, while the mosh pit was big and full of energy, the band itself, unfortunately just did not have the stage presence to be able to match it. I found their set to be rather stagnant, without much progression, however they were able to keep their fans charged.  You could definitely tell who was going for Sabaton and who was going for Kreator. After Kreator’s set finished, there was a bit of time before Sabaton came on. During this period, Kreator fans began to leave and more Sabaton fans emerged. Unlike the Kreator performance, in my opinion, Sabaton came on and delivered an incredible performance. From beginning to end they had energy to spare, and really got the audience going. Their energy electrified the audience. People were jumping, dancing and moshing the night away.

The absolute highlight of the night for me however, was seeing Sabaton’s vocalist,  Joakim,  with  a massive smile on his face. The band seemed genuinely astounded by not only the turnout of the concert, but the intense spirit as well. His smile said it all, and seeing people feel like that on stage is the reason I go to concerts in the first place.  While the artists are there to perform and to potentially impact the audience, when they themselves are impacted by the audience, things become way more intimate.

I feel that this only fueled their show even more, and gave them the drive to put the extra effort into their performance.

Another one of my favorite aspects of the show was the projections on display in the background of the stage. Sabaton’s music is chock full of themes of bravery, fighting battles and historical wars, and the projections really added to the experience. Media design for shows is a big passion of mine and is an industry I would like to be a part of one day, so I am always dazzled by projections at shows and you would best believe I was taking mental notes the whole time.

As someone who is a fan of the metal genre but hasn’t really committed to the scene, I was thoroughly impressed with the concert etiquette; I could not have asked for a better audience to share the show with. Within the mosh pits, everybody was having a good time, and when somebody fell, people had each other’s safety at heart, which was really touching to see.

Overall, Sabaton really stole the show, and I very much look forward to seeing them perform again. I hope the next time I see Kreator performs, they have a better presence.

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