Secret in the Wings: Unhappy Endings Can Be A Good Thing

Exploring the idea that not all fairy tales have happy endings, the play “The Secret in the Wings”, written by Mary Zimmerman and directed by Andrew Cuk, was incredibly well performed by the college’s theatre students. The play lasted seventy five minutes, but I was so quickly absorbed by the countless stories that time just flew by.

Every cast member had to play at least two characters, some playing more than five roles. I was fascinated with how fast they could change from one costume to another and not get their characters confused.

The set was great. The little Emily (played by Emily Palmer) was already not a fan of her neighbour, so having him tell her stories in an unfinished basement reflected perfectly the weirdness of the somewhat dark fairy tales. Every visible object was used for a specific part of the play. Nothing was there just as a decoration.

The music was amazing. Even though this was not a musical, the cast did an incredible job with the vocals. I loved how the cast themselves played the guitar (Luc Rogers) and the Ukulele (Kiara Pollice) within the world of the play. They left me wanting more.

Although the play was sometimes predictable, there was always a big surprise that came our way. It was unconventionally funny, covering subjects like eating your children, incest and an ogre proposing to a child.

The cast clearly deserved the standing ovation it received!

Noémi Blom
Office Manager

Originally Published in Vol. 47 Issue 4 on October 25th, 2017 

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