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Awakening Hopes and Dreams

Dylan Masson

On Friday, November 11th, Marc Bergevin addressed the media at Lord William Pub to announce his commitment to Share the Warmth, a food bank that works in Pointe-St-Charles. At Share the Warmth, just about one third of the people served are children. 51% of the youth in this area will not finish high school and more than a third of the people from here live below the poverty line. For Bergevin, the Point holds a special place in his heart as he grew up there. He confirmed at the press conference that he intends on working with the organization for as long as they want him to!

Share the Warmth had a full weekend planned but the biggest event was Partageons la puck. Partageons la puck is a hockey fundraiser comprised of two hockey games. The first is a youth game and the second an adult game. The real highlight of both games is that they were coached by Bergevin and Montreal Canadiens legend, Guy Lafleur. For Bergevin: “I get to share my love of hockey with Montrealers, coach alongside legend Guy Lafleur, which is a great honour, all to help the community I grew up in and love.” The adult players had committed to raising $250 for the opportunity to play, which is a great deal when you consider the caliber of the coaches!

Once the skates came off, the dancing shoes went on as it was off to the Share the Warmth dance, which was then followed by a silent auction at Chez Dallaire Pub. The biggest item to be auctioned off were several Canadiens tickets donated by the Montreal Canadiens. The proceeds go to providing 2,500 children with healthy food every week, allowing them to focus on school rather than hunger.

For Share the Warmth’s Executive Director Fiona Crossling, Marc Bergevin’s contribution to help make a change is “very touching to have someone who’s from the Point and who is so terre-à-terre. It’s very helpful to get the organization known as well and to get people involved.” Bergevin spoke about how he was fortunate enough to have made it to the NHL, how he is extremely lucky to have been able to make a living off of his biggest passion, and of having this be his way of giving back to the community and helping to make change. He said “I am proud to act as a Share the Warmth ambassador, and to participate in fundraising events like Partageons la puck. It is part of my commitment to help the organization achieve our fundraising goal, and to promote the great work we do in Pointe-St-Charles and beyond.”

The weekend was a huge success raising $45,000 and it really put the organization on the map! For more information, or to learn how you can help make a difference be sure to visit their website at:

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