Soliloquy of the Solipsist

Sebastian Socorro

Literature Editor

Hello there, me.

Of course you’re me.

How could you not be?

As far as I see

and I always have seen,

There’s only ever been me.

I remember once

I thought there was another,

but I was wrong.

Just me.

Who else could see these sights?

Say these words that are my own?

The world does not exist

beyond my senses.

If I were to close my eyes,

the world would go dark.

If someone I see were to close theirs,

they’d just look stupid.


Silly me,

that’s not someone I see,

that’s just my brain suggesting

someone other than me.

That’s nonsense of course,

the world doesn’t go dark

when they blink or sleep.

If they fall I feel nothing.

Cogito, ergo sum.

I’m the only one who thinks.

It’s all very very simple.

As you can see.

I write “you” but really mean “me”.

No one else will read this, of course.

These words exist only to my eyes.

Other eyes just pretend

to read what I read.

For me, myself,

and only I.