Student Employment Center


Service Spotlight

Breanna Carpenter
Production Manager

The Student Employment center in H-152 is an amazing diverse service offered to Abbott students. They offer paid employment opportunities, volunteer opportunities as well as a great assortment of events and workshops.

They offer Targeted Job Posting, this includes part-time, full time and summer job opportunities on and off-campus. This is unique in that employers understand that you are a student and the offers do not exceed twenty hours per week during the semester, enabling you to earn a wage without sacrificing your education. To take advantage of this look up the Student Employment Center on Omnivox or go into the office H-152.

Individual coaching is offered. This includes reviewing and refining resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, etc… There is also the option of doing some practice interviews to help you feel confident and competent for a perspective interview. Go to the Student Employment center office to make an appointment for any of these particular services.

Are you unsure of what you want to be when you’re “all grown up”? Then The Student Employment Center can help you. They have lots of great resources for career exploration and can aid you in discovering different options that may appeal to you. In addition on the 1st and 2nd of November this semester the Student Employment Center is hosting a career fair. Held in the Agora. The Career Fair will have a wide range of career choices represented from doctors, to social workers, to police officers. This event is really meant to be an exploration of different career options or an opportunity for students who are sure of what career they want to speak with someone in the field.

New to the Student Employment Center is the volunteer module. This is a perfect opportunity for students looking to give back to their community or gain experience in a certain area. There are online postings on volunteer opportunities and hours. Look at the services on the left side of your Omnivox and look under the Student Employment Center tabs to get more information about specific postings or go in person to the office in H-215.

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