Study and Work Abroad

Maria Jose Salcedo
Campus Life Editor

We all have the goal of traveling the world and to see everything it has to offer. It is not a surprise that it takes time and money to pursue such a thing. But who says that work and pleasure can not be combined? There are great opportunities out there to work in foreign countries. You will have an income to support your stay, and at the same time be able to travel around your country of choice on your free time. Road trip anyone?


Traveling is also an opportunity for those that would like to further their education. Enrolment in universities and access to excellent language courses are just some of the benefits to being an international student.

On this note, Montreal is hosting a study and work abroad fair at the Palais des congrès on February 27th. This is Canada’s largest university and student travel expo. There are tons of options to choose from. There are representatives from international univerisites and agencies ready to answer your questions and provide detailed information about the programs they offer.

Admission to this event is free, and includes access to information seminars and a bunch of goodies!

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