SUJAC Update

Hey everyone,

We hope that you are all enjoying the nice weather that is starting to pop up here and there. Personally, we can’t wait to go relax on the Herzberg Oval with the sun shining. With the end of the Winter Semester coming up, we’d like to remind everyone that this is your last rush before summer vacation.

The end of every academic year also means the elections for the SUJAC Executive council. If you or one of your friends is interested in running, nomination forms are available until April 19th at our office (P-101). Six positions are available.

Overseeing all activities with the union, the SUJAC President handles most “big picture” activities and represents the students in administrative affairs. This position requires a candidate with planning, public speaking and interpersonal skills.

The Vice-President of Internal Affairs manages clubs, handles Congress meetings and oversees all elections. This position requires a good knowledge of school and electoral policies.

The Vice-President of Academic Affairs helps students with any academic issue and provides them with support and representation. This position requires an extensive knowledge of school policies and interpersonal skills.

The Vice-President of Communications takes care of all our social media platforms and designs posters for school-wide advertising. Your Instagram game needs to be pretty strong for this role.

The Vice-President of Finance handles the budgeting of the union and its clubs. Strong planning and organizational skills are required for this position.

The Vice-President of External Affairs maintains a link between other CEGEPs through the Coalition of Anglophone CEGEPs. Strong interpersonal skills are helpful for this position.

The voting will take place on Omnivox, from April 28th until May 2nd.

Finally, the union was not able to obtain enough respondents to implement an opt-out healthcare and dental insurance policy. We have, however, decided to explore options with the John Abbott College Foundation for opt-in policies, which could be available next semester to students requiring them.

Wishing you good luck with your exams,

-Your SUJAC Executives

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