SUJAC Update

Hello Abbotters!

On November 9th, John Abbott hosted a Sexual Health Fair in the Agora, where people were invited to participate in great games and receive all the information needed to make the best choices for themselves. Turnout was wonderful, and we thank everyone who dropped by!

We also invited all of the different Clubs to participate in our Poppy Run, in order to collect as many donations as possible and remind us all of the importance of remembering those who fought and sacrificed their lives for our country.

The ping pong tables are finally set up! Anyone who wants to play is welcome to do so. Drop in to the Agora during open ours with your friends and enjoy. SUJAC will be hosting competitions among our students and other schools starting next semester.

SUJAC is also hosting a Jelly Bean guessing contest (container found in the SUJAC Office, P-101), with the winner being able to win coupons… and some Jelly Beans too! Contest deadline is Wednesday, November 23th, at 4 pm.

As for me, my name is Benjamin Colpron and I am your newly-elected SUJAC Vice-President External. My goal is to provide all of you with a bunch of different activities, events and competitions for you to enjoy. Stop by P-101 if you have ideas of your own, and let’s talk! Good luck on all your exams and have a HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON!

Your SUJAC Executives

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