Hello Abbotters!

SUJAC posted an amazing AFCS (Administration-Faculty-Congress/Clubs-Students) 2017 Conference on February 10th. There were 8 round-table discussion groups, looking at topics relevant to Campus Life, everything from Parking & Security to International & Indigenous Students. The Agora was abuzz with all the different conversations and then one representative from each topic gave an overview of the issues, concerns and recommendations that came out of each topic. All in all, from the feedback received, the Conference was thoroughly enjoyed and all the participants from the College community found the information that came out of the topics was enlightening. SUJAC hopes to host another AFCS Conference in time to come.

Another great event hosted by SUJAC was the Murder Mystery Night last Friday, with 60 people all enjoying the interactive Theatre dinner party. All the funds raised are going to the upcoming ‘Loonie Line’ fundraiser for struggling students at John Abbott College. SUJAC is looking forward to hosting another Murder Mystery evening in the future.

The Winter ‘In The Jungle’ SUJAC Club Day was a super opportunity to get to know some of the many clubs available on campus for those who want to get involved. You name it, JAC has a club for you! And if there isn’t one, you can create a club that interests you. So if you have an idea that you and a group of other students would like to participate in, there is a process to start a new club, so drop by SUJAC, P-101, and find out more about how to get that club off the ground.

Thanks to all those who volunteered to help with these great events. SUJAC appreciates all the work and involvement of students, teachers, administrators, and staff alike who participate in these fun activities.

Remember, SUJAC is here for you! If you have a problem with a teacher or a grade or just need some advice on where to go for some assistance, please drop by SUJAC, P-101, and see one of your SUJAC Executives or the SUJAC Coordinator, Barb, to get some pointers in the right direction. SUJAC also likes to hear from you, if you have any suggestions or ideas for something you’d like to see happen at our great John Abbott College.

-Your SUJAC executives

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