Dear Abbotters,

We hope that your semester is going well! Remember, there are only five weeks left of school from this point on. The JAC Loonie Line Fundraiser was a great success. Between individual fundraisers and collection pots from departments and students, we raised over $24 000! JAC truly showed its compassion for students in need. Let’s hope that we set a precedent for next year’s Loonie Line.

In other news, the nomination period for Executive Elections is now open! The SUJAC Executive team wants to hear from You this coming round of Student Elections. Whether you are thinking of running, voting, or helping a friend campaign, information is your friend. The SUJAC office is your go-to spot for information regarding electoral procedures, candidacy requirements, and important dates. The 10-day nomination period opened last Thursday, on March 23rd and will close on April 5th. Students running for an Executive Position are expected to return their nomination forms to the SUJAC office in P-101 by the end of the nomination period.

Keep your eyes peeled for campaign posters and online campaigns to ensure that your decision, come voting time, is as informed as possible. Information about candidates for Executive Elections can be found on the SUJAC page at The candidates will be sharing their platforms and defending their candidature at Congress in H-316 at 5:30pm on April 5th. All students of the college are welcome to attend! If you can’t make it, but would like to hear what the buzz is about, the SUJAC page linked above will be livestreaming the event as well. We hope that you’ll tune in!

Lastly, SUJAC is bringing you something particularly exciting next week. From April 3rd to the 6th, SUJAC is offering “Healthy Breakfast for a Buck” at the JAC Cafeteria. The dollar meal and beverage will be offered during regular breakfast service hours at the Cafeteria. Don’t miss out!

Remember, SUJAC is here for you! If you have any problems with a teacher, grade, or are in need of direction or assistance within the college, please drop by the SUJAC office in P-101. Don’t hesitate to come by and see one of our SUJAC Executives, or the SUJAC Coordinator Barb. We’re eager to give you some pointers in the right direction; it’s what we’re here for.
SUJAC also likes to hear from You! If you have any suggestions or ideas for projects you’d like to see happen—or plan—at our John Abbott College, please let us know. We’re happy to help!

-The SUJAC Executives

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