Hey JAC!

The Student Union of John Abbott College (SUJAC) is currently holding by-elections for the Executive position of Vice-President Academic. This position provides assistance to students when they have problems with teachers or questions regarding their rights. The Vice-President Academic sits on academic committees, regarding such topics as Grievance Policy and Probation. If you are interested in running for this leadership role, please come to the SUJAC Office in P-101 to pick up a nomination form! The submission deadline is Friday, April 26th (4:00pm at the latest), so pick up a form soon!
The two full-time day division students who will be recipients of the SUJAC Involvement Award are selected for their demonstration of outstanding involvement and contribution to student life on campus, while also maintaining a good academic standing. These two students must volunteer or work with the community, and are involved in extracurricular activities. Each recipient of the Award will receive $500. Please come pick up a form at the SUJAC Office in P-101 if you qualify. The submission deadline for the SUJAC Involvement Award form is May 3rd (4:00pm at the latest).

As we are nearing the end of the semester, we would like to remind you that John Abbott provides services to help minimize your stress! Please feel free to drop by Student Services, the Student Success Centre, the Student Writing Centre, or the Academic Success Center to find out more. Also, keep an eye out on the Portal for our upcoming Pet Therapy Day!

Even though summer is approaching, don’t forget about school! Let’s try to get the best grades possible! We’re all in this together!

Your SUJAC Team,
President Andrew Stein
VP Internal Lathan Walker
VP Academic Elizabeth Yasa
VP Finance Mona Masri
VP External Sonia Agougou
VP Communications Emanuelle Peer-Wininger