Hello to all new and returning students,

Welcome to the Fall 2019 semester! The new SUJAC team is extremely excited to work with the school this year and improve campus life for all. Our main goal is to serve you, the student body, and improve the College by protecting your rights, helping run activities, and overseeing the allocation of student funds. Now, what can SUJAC do practically for you?

Whether you’re thinking of starting a new Club, having financial difficulties, wanting to start an interesting project or having issues with a teacher, SUJAC is the place to come to. Our six Executives are constantly working on behalf of all our students to ensure that everyone’s needs are met. SUJAC’s Office (P-101) is always open for any concerns, suggestions, or ideas you may have!

This semester, we’re looking forward to our many exciting events like the SUJAC Club Day (September 25 from 10:00-2:30 in the Agora), RibFest (Friday to Sunday, September 20 to 22), ans well as SUJAC’s—and the College’s—upcoming 50th Anniversary!

Add SUJAC on Snapchat: @sujacsnap and follow our Instagram: @instasujac for more updates, information and awesome giveaways!

We’re looking forward to serving you as your student representatives for this Academic Year!

Your SUJAC Executive Team 2019-2020:

President Nathaniel (‘Nate’) Saad
Vice-President Internal Eric Enescu
Vice-President Academic Rayan Tibiche-Dahmoune
Vice-President Finance Gabriel (‘Gabe’) Imbeau
Vice-President External Davy Iconzi Irakoze
Vice-President Communications Christina-Maria Maalouf

September 11, 2019

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol.49 Issue 07 on December 4th, 2019