SUJAC Update

Hi fellow Islanders!

Sweater weather is finally upon us! Not only does this mean it’s getting a bit nippy outside, but also, it means school is starting to gear up.
To start off with, the first SUJAC Club Day of the year was last Wednesday! Your enthusiasm towards getting involved made it a huge success. Abbott is definitely known for its abundance of extracurricular activities, and you all proved that this reputation is not leaving any time soon.

If you’re interested in getting involved with the political side of the school, Congress nominations for SUJAC have reopened! So, if you’re interested in having a voice in the school and the ability to impart change on our beautiful campus, come grab a nomination form at the SUJAC office (P-101).

As many of you have heard, the college might be going on strike. The SUJAC executive circulated an information document about the strike on Omnivox. In the document, you’ll find out what is happening and what it could potentially mean to you as a student. If you haven’t already, I suggest you check it out on Omnivox under “Documents from the college”. If you have any other questions, feel free to stop by P-101— we’d love to help clarify!
Also, we have two new executives on the SUJAC team! Shayan Mosaffa is the very first VP of Communications and Sonny Santos is our new VP of Academic.

So, come see us if you have ANY questions about your school life, academics, how to get involved, or if you just want to stop by to meet us!
Good luck with your midterms.

Your SUJAC Executives

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