SUJAC Update – November 19th

Hey fellow Islanders – it’s your SUJAC execs here.

Yet another semester is winding down, and the time has come for the last SUJAC update of 2014! We hope your final weeks of school aren’t too stressful and that your exams go smoothly. But before the semester comes to a close, there are some important events happening on campus in these last few weeks that we would like to

For one, today is the Loonie Toonie Challenge, where the school community bands together to raise money for Financial Aid’s Student Fund, which helps JAC students who are experiencing major financial difficulties that make it impossible to afford the most basic stuff such as food, shelter and textbooks. So, make sure to donate generously (the line is set-up along Herzberg), and see whether the loonies or the toonies prevail!

If you miss out on the Loonie Toonie Line, or are just looking to donate even more to the Fund, you can also donate to Dye SUJAC, our fundraising campaign where two of the execs will be dying their hair in exchange for your donations. Look out for them around the school at the end of this week to make your contribution.

Finally, on November 26th, SUJAC is bringing you Pyjama Day so you can wear your pyjamas and unwind before end-of-semester and exams begin! We hope to see you decked out in your comfiest attire.

On that note, we’d like to thank you for an excellent semester and wish you a most wonderful break! Have fun, be safe, and we’ll see you in 2015!

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