SUJAC Update – November 5th

Hey Abbotteers,

This is your first SUJAC update for the month of November! There are only 5 weeks of school left, which means keep your head held up high and strive for success, as the end of semester is soon approaching!

As you may all know, there were a bunch of exciting events during October 29th to 31st. It began with the amazing Craft and Bake Sale! We would like to thank everyone who participated in the event and made their amazing
homemade crafts. You are all so talented! We would also like to thank those who purchased some of these goods and, by doing so, helped their fellow students in need.

We hope you enjoyed the Haunted House and grabbed a treat on your way out in the Agora. We also hope you dropped by the SUJAC Halloween Open House Office in P-101 for some coffee and cookies. The turnout was quite a success; we enjoyed speaking to all the students who dropped by!

Thank you to all the students who participated in the costume competition in the Agora! All of your costumes were amazing and very creative! Congratulations to the winners…Mister SUJAC President Nikolas Dolmat (hot air balloon) and Thomas Ragosta (and his friend, the beer pong guys)!

SUJAC would like to inform you about the Loonie line event on November 19th. This is a whole-day event where the College community puts Loonies and Toonies around the school on sticky tape. There are also other fundraisers at the same time, like raffles and contests, and all the proceeds go to struggling students at John Abbott College. This event is one of the best fundraisers at the College, so please get involved.

As always, if you ever have any trouble with your teachers or the grades that they have been giving you, or even any general issues about the school, feel free to drop by the SUJAC Office located in P-101 (1st Floor Penfield across from the English Department) and come chat with us! The SUJAC Executives

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