SUJAC Update – September 24, 2015

Hey fellow Islanders – it’s your SUJAC Execs here!

We hope you’ve settled into your semester while enjoying the gorgeous summer season we’ve had on campus. Many of you may be looking forward to the joys of sweater weather, but we want you to know that as things cool down outside, Abbott student life is certainly heating up!

First off, our first SUJAC Club Day of the year will be held in the Agora on Wednesday, September 30th, from 10:00AM-3:00PM. This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about the rich array of Abbott’s extracurricular Clubs, and to get involved in extracurricular life at school if you so desire.

At SUJAC Club Day, be sure to visit the SUJAC booth, where you will be able to meet your recently nominated Congress representatives! Congress acts as the voice of the student population. Therefore, Congress members are responsible for representing your interests when discussing major issues that affect you. Establish contact with your Congress reps at SUJAC Club Day to inform them of your concerns, and to inform yourself about your rights.

At the SUJAC booth, you will also meet some of your SUJAC Executives. SUJAC President Jean-Philippe Chauny, VP Internal Anthony Lebel, VP Academic (Interim) Emily Deraiche, VP Finance Hanna Oosterveen, and VP External Nik Izmerli will be there from time to time during the event. Speaking of executives, keep an eye out on Omnivox where you may be asked to vote for your new VP Academic and VP Communications.

Remember, you are welcome to visit the SUJAC office at any time if you are looking for updates on SUJAC/Abbott activity, looking for recourse in problems with teachers, or are simply looking to meet us!

Cheers to a great semester so far,

Your SUJAC Executives

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