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Learn About The Megalodon, One Of Earth’s Most Frightening Predators

The great white shark is known to be one of the biggest predators swimming in the oceans. With an average of 75 shark attacks reported world-wide, this terrifying creature has no limits. Those of you that went to Florida over the summer could’ve been swimming next to one of these sharks.

However, scientists have discovered that a bigger, more frightening shark once swam the waters. The shark’s name was Megalodon. Paleontologists have found Megalodon’s fossils, estimating his length to have been anywhere from 12 to 21 meters. His length was five times greater than that of the great white shark. Megalodon weighed around 70-100 tons, which is thirty times that of the great white shark.


Megalodon’s diet consisted of large fish such as whales, and occasionally dolphins, turtles, etc. With an estimated 10 tons of biting force, nothing could flee from Megalodon’s bite. The king of the jungle, also known as the lion, has merely 600 pounds of biting force.

The name Megalodon comes from the Greek saying “Big-toothed”. This name was given to him after the discovery of one of his teeth. Megalodon’s biggest tooth was more than half a foot long, just like the infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex. To put it into perspective, half a foot is estimated to be the vertical length of your hand.

But there is nothing to worry about, Megalodon has been extinct for millions of years. Now you can swim at ease in Florida.

by Sarah Ettaleb

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