The Penguin Innovation

Image Source: Pexels

Sarah Paulin
Production Manager

It’s no surprise that less and less teenagers are picking up books in their free time. With vivid stimulus at the touch of their fingertips, why would they pick up something that is way too similar to their homework?
Penguin, renown publishing company, believes to have found a solution to this problem: phone sized books. These miniature editions look, weigh, and feel exactly like our smartphones. The idea began a few years ago in the Netherlands and Penguin decided to give it a try.
They approached young adult writer John Green to kick-start their experiment, and he gladly accepted, in love with the idea.
As much as it might be innovative, is this really the solution we need to bring an end to the lack of literacy in our generation?
I don’t think so. If adolescents don’t feel like reading, changing the format won’t make a difference. If anything, it might just dissuade them even more, considering how small the writing will have to be, and how thin the pages.
If this format does bring fruition, and becomes a shocking success, I don’t know whether it should be celebrated. Are we so obsessed with our cellphones that we cannot part with their comfort, even when reading? How backwards has our society become for us to crave the feeling of technology everywhere we go?

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 48 Issue 05 on November 7th, 2018