The Political Parties of Québec

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This October marks a first for many of us here at John Abbott. It is the first provincial election in which most of us can vote. As such, it is important to make your vote count by knowing who you will be voting for. Here are the platforms of the main parties, with regards to education and culture.

Coalition Avenir Québec: The CAQ has educational objectives. Firstly, they want to give CEGEPs greater control over the courses that they teach, based on their region. In tandem with that, they want to increase partnerships between corporations and schools, so that the programs they offer will reflect the job market. They also want to eliminate schoolboards. With regards to culture, they want to reduce immigration by 20%, so that they can better integrate those who do arrive with our Québecois values. And, of course, they want eventual independence from Canada for Quebec.

Québec Liberal Party: The current party in power’s education objectives include supporting children with special needs, and providing the resources they need. Like the CAQ, they want to encourage cooperation between businesses and schools, to match programs with employment opportunities. However, the QLP wants to keep schoolboards in place. Culturally, this party’s objectives include protecting the rights of Indigenous and Anglophone minorities. They also want to launch a digital culture initiative, to better promote Québec online. Finally, they want to promote Québec artists from every field as Québec ambassadors.

Parti Québécois: The PQ’s educational objectives include things such as free university education, which is very relevant to us, as well as building more schools all around the province. They also want to promote vocational training for those who won’t be pursuing a higher education. Culturally, their main goal is to promote and protect the French language in Québec and to better control immigration by reducing it by an unspecified amount. However, they also want to focus on LGBTQ+ rights and integration, and is one of the only major parties to bring up this issue.

Québec Solidaire: The QS has ambitious educational plans. Within five years, they want free university education for everyone. They also want to get rid of the government subventions that parents receive for sending their children to private school. As for school boards, they want to decentralize much of their power while keeping them in place. Culturally, they want to get rid of all systems that allow the government to restrict the access of the public to certain documents, to maximize transparency. They also want to nationalize Internet distribution, to guarantee everyone high-speed access. In addition to this, they want to increase funding for libraries.

These are the platforms of the main Québec parties. They share some similarities, as well as many differences. Of course, there is much more to all of them than can be fit in a single article, and I encourage you to do your own research. Hopefully on October 1st, we can all cast an informed vote.




Lucas Galand
News Editor

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 48 Issue 1 on September 12, 2018


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