The Sunday Sprint

Spilling the tea from the afternoon of the NFL’s Week 3

Casey Dobson

Redskins 31 – Packers 17
We found ourselves back in 2012 this Sunday in Washington with both Peterson and Smith showing up in career form as the Redskins pounded the Pack.
Bills 27 – Vikings 6
The Vikings forgot their horns at home as they get bamboozled by Buffalo in Minny.
Giants 27 – Texans 22
Having to hold on for dear life, the Giants kept their grip on the season after watching most of their 20-3 lead evaporate.
Chiefs 38 – 49ers 27
It won’t be long until someone gets Mahomes to pee in a cup because the kid continues to put up video-game like numbers on his way to leading his team to a perfect start.
Dolphins 28 – Raiders 20
The fish fly high in the fourth to complete the comeback to push John Gruden’s Raiders down to an 0-3 start.
Eagles 20 – Colts 16
The Colts wept as Wentz returned to the gridiron for the first time since last season’s knee injury that prompted the rise of Nick Foles.
Titans 9 – Jaguars 6
The endzones stayed empty in Florida, as did the excitement, in the lowest scoring game so far in the 2018 season.
Panthers 31 – Bengals 21
The Bengals’ receivers, Who Dey? Don’t ask Dalton as the Cincy QB threw twice as many picks as TDs in the battle of the big cats.
Ravens 27 – Broncos 14
The Ravens flew to protect their home nest against the charging Broncos.
Saints 43 – Falcons 37
Third time’s the charm for overtime games not ending in ties. The Saints earned the blessing of the W in this Louisiana barn-burner.
Rams 35 – Chargers 23
The battle for La-La Land was taken by the Rams who took the shock to the Chargers straight out of the gate.
Bears 16- Cardinals 14
The Midway has a new monster and his name is Khalil Mack. Together the Bears growl louder than ever.
Seahawks 24- Cowboys 13
The Seahawks finally get back in the win column in front of the ever-present 12 and smother America’s team.

Originally Published in Bandersnatch Vol. 48 Issue 02 on September 26, 2018

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