Things Slytherins Say

19. *Snake noises*
7. Ravenblah.
6. Gryffinbore.
11. We love big snakes.
18. I’m a lizard person.
3. What’s a Hufflepuff?
12. Ethics? Totally subjective.
14. Poor people are SO cheap.
13. Ego? Of course I’ve got one.
8. Seriously, what’s a Hufflepuff?
5. My father will hear about this.
4. What do you mean I’m wrong?
16. My father WILL hear about this.
1. We don’t just play Quidditch dirty.
10. What do you mean I can’t cast Crucio?
15. What do you mean I can’t say mudblood?
9. We’ve got a bright future… In the Dark Arts.
2. If you can’t say something nice… Don’t say something nice.
20. You know what they say about parseltongues, eh? 😉
21. Mind if I Slytherin to your Chamber of Secrets?
17. How am I supposed to get famous with all these plebeians holding me back?

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