Things You Think When Learning to Ski

Élissya Lécuyer
Procrastinator Editor

1. OMG, I can’t do that ?!
2. Oh, this is actually pretty easy.
3. Yeah… Nevermind.
4. I have to go down THAT?! Ok, I’m gonna die.
5. How can I do the pizza without falling?
6. I’m never skiing again. Ever.
7. Shit, I’m definitely going to run someone over.
9. I will 100% run into a tree.
10. I am going way too fast.
11. Ooh, this is a nice view. Too bad I can’t take out my phone with all this equipment I have on.
12. How am I going backwards if I’m just standing?!
13. Help. SOS.
14. Please don’t run over me.
15. My face is frozen.
16. Why are these skis so damn heavy?
17. I swear, I almost just died right there.
19. I’m going to be so sore.
20. I wonder if anyone ever died falling off a ski lift…
21. That was awesome.
22. I give up. Just let me die on this slope.
23. Chill, I’m trying to get up!
24. This isn’t so bad.
25. OMG, we’re actually really high up.
26. How did they just do that?
27. Why is the ski lift swaying?!
28. Hot chocolate.
29. I can’t wait to come back.
30. Wow, I’m such a pro now #athletethings.


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