5. Colorado Desert, U.S.A
The easiest to travel to, a Greyhound bus can take you to this desolate location within a week. There are a full seven million acres to hide from your worries. It has many tasty lizards and grubs to eat and plenty of water if you know where to look.

Stealth Level: Low

Any schmuck with enough money to rent a helicopter can easily spot you from above and bring you back kicking and screaming.

4. Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland
Your best defense is the unpronounceable. Even if someone got ahold of your boat ticket they would have no way of relaying the information without diminishing their own credibility. I hope you like fish.

Stealth Level: Mild

If someone somehow made it to Ittoqqortoormiit, they would find you straight away. The population is so small, they know where everyone is. Tough luck.

3. Steward Island, New Zealand
If you thought New Zealand was hard to travel around, Steward Island is on a whole new level. It has a whopping population of 381, who are all more fit then you, and anyone potentially chasing after you. Hours of hiking are ahead of you, but at least you’ll get away from those stinking finals!

Stealth Level: Moderate

Your pursuer would have to go through a Rocky level montage as well as hiring an army of guides in order to track you down in this remote location. If they are willing to go through that effort, there isn’t much hope for escape anyway.

2. McMurdo Station, Antarctica
I assume you’re Canadian and can handle this lower climate. Every modern comfort has been taking care of. Spend your stress-free days at their nine-hole Frisbee golf course.

Stealth Level: High

If you’ve been allowed to live there, and your potential pursuer doesn’t have any connections to the U.S military, the rest of your life is perfectly set up in this frozen hell.

1. Motuo County, Tibet
Considering you’re capable of reaching this isolated place, which involves a four day hike and crossing a 200-meter-long suspension bridge, you’re set. There is no proper road or reasonable paths of entry. An attempt at a highway in the 90s was met with utter disaster. This highway lasted for a few days after being wrecked by mudslides and avalanches.

Stealth Level: Infalliable

That’s it. You’ve done it. No one is crazy enough to follow you. You’ve successfully

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