Trailer Park Boys

Season 8 Review

By Ergo Sum (Contributor)

Based upon the same plot narrative of almost every other season before, the Boys (and their new Netflix masters) seemed to have sided with the “if it isn’t broke, no need to fix it” rule. Expect the same uniquely Trailer Park brand of slapstick, just this time, a little overboard, it seems Ricky has gotten even more stupid (despite his earning of his “grade 11” at the end of season 7). However, it’s not like the Netflix masters would leave the Boys entirely to muse over their usual problems, a shuffling of roles has occurred, as in, Lahey is still Lahey (just even more drunk) but with an altered agenda. Unlike the past seven seasons, the protagonists aren’t divided. The forging of a new alliance has occurred – the pinnacle of all Trailer Park evil. I won’t ruin it for you, but here’s a hint: Evil now involves a caveman in a corvette.


My verdict (as an avid T.P.B. enthusiast): expect the same but better than the last couple seasons. Personally, nothing beats the originality and the low-budget, dare-I-say, improvised allure of the first couple seasons. Season 8 provides a good boost to the franchise, adding more pot to the fires of our collective addictions to their antics and stories. Hopefully, this season will be enough to stoke onwards the masses of fans. I’m left with a bad taste in my mouth, after all the hits necessary to get me through the season, nothing has really changed. I was expecting it to be more funny and authentic, but I’d guess it’s not easy trying to breathe life into the finite universe of the Trailer Park, with Ricky and his dope, and Julian with his schemes, it would take an A-Team to help this trio.

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