University Applicataions


by Zoe Shaw

Okay, seriously though. University applications for the fall 2015 semester are due March 1st. If you’re freaking out about it, that’s normal.

Luckily, our school has a lot of resources that can help you figure your way around the whole process of university applications. The Academic Success Centre (H-117) offers plenty of workshops about writing letters of intent and writing the English Exit exam. They can also point you toward whatever tutoring services you might need. Check out the board outside H-117 to see their upcoming events!

Still not sure what to do next? Stop by the University and Career Information Centre (UCIC) in Student Services. They can help you find the university that’s right for you, and maybe you’ll even leave with a completed application! If you’re looking into a program that’s a little more complicated to get into, such as law or pre-med, they are also the ones to help you out with that. Check outside Student S er vices in the Herzberg hallway to see their drop-in schedule or to find out how to make an appointment with an advisor.

If you’re one of many JAC students who are staying local and applying to Concordia University, there’s an admissions information day this weekend, on February 14th, where you can live the Concordia experience for a day. There, you can also ask whatever questions you might have about admissions or about the university in general to actual Concordia students and staff. Who knows? Maybe seeing a university’s facilities in action might convince you to apply at a university you would never have otherwise considered. The open houses and infosessions for other nearby universities are coming to an end, so you might have to rely on word of mouth to figure out which university is right for you.

Good luck!

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