Vote! Your Opinion Matters

by Morgane Larnder-Besner

Federal elections are just a few weeks away. Did you know that only about 38% of Canadians between the ages 18 of 24 voted in the last elections? This number is way too low. In the current democratic system in Canada, elections are an opportunity for citizens to speak up. We, as young adults, have to make our voice heard.

Your ballot reflects your opinion. It is your choice, and no one else can make it for you. The less young citizens go vote, the less their voices are heard in the grander political landscape.

Source: Wikimedia
Source: Wikimedia

Politicians, as annoying and boring as they may sometimes be, shape the issues of a country’s future. We are that future. In the next one, five, ten years, we will be the ones at the front of society. As such, we have a responsibility to be part of its creation.

The many issues around taxes, housing, health care and unions affect us. As students, we may not know the meaning of all these social aspects quite yet. However, we must remember that we are the next house owners, the next tax payers, the next moms and dads. Political issues are our issues.
So, speak up. Get informed. Make a difference. Vote on October 19th.

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