What to do on Halloween

by Élissya Lécuyer
Procrastinator Editor

1. Go to Annie’s. You never know, you mightmeet a really cute vampire.

2. Give out Halloween candy.

3. Go trick-or-treating (FREE CANDY). This is especially easy to pull off for short people.

4. Go to La Ronde’s Fright Fest, so random people can scare the shit out of you.

5. Have a Tim Burton themed Netflix and Chill with bae.

6. Throw a huge costume party.

7. If you’re too lazy to do #6, just crash a costume party instead.

8. Have a Halloween-themed movie night with friends. Get to know them on a deeper level, and see who screams like a girl at “The Conjuring.”

9. Visit a haunted house with friends you trust won’t bail on you. Malefycia is a gory house of horrors on Peel Basin, it runs from October 29th to November 1st, 2015.

10. Stay at home and indulge in home-made Halloween desserts.

11. Carve pumpkins, and bake the seeds in the oven for a late-night snack.

12. If you’ve ever dreamt of being a zombie, participate in Montreal’s Zombie Walk, happening near place-des-espectacles, on the day of Halloween.

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